Thursday, December 14, 2017

el 15 de diciembre (día 85)

1. My Gradebook
*2ndeagles, 3rdeagles, 4theagles
*lunch number
*finish yesterday's exam (if needed)
*Examen Final - Leer (50 questions)

2. Conjuguemos
*Examen Final - Repaso de Verbos - do 2 sets of 20 and send score
*Xam Review - Sentence Editing (Copy) - do 10 and send score

1. You may start over if you want
2. You must send the scores in sets as directed.
3. You can have as many tries as you want.  I will take the best scores.
4. You must finish today.

3. When finished with exam, you may:

A. finish your Google Slides Biopoem project
   share with me :

B. Duolingo
*make sure you have finished through Adjectives 1
*strengthen old topics
*wear headphones

4. When ALL is finished, you may:
A. relax
B. read a book
C. work on another class
D. Sporcle
E. Free Rice
F.  color