Friday, May 4, 2018

el 7 de mayo (día 167)

1.  *Memrise - Create your own.
  *Create a Memrise for Unidad 5 - Lección 1 (p. 267) 
  words also found on left side of page 1 in pink Unit 5 study guide
  *include ALL of the words - 42 total

  *Create levels 
    Level 1- Describe a House
    Level 2 - Describe household items
    Level 3 - Furniture
    Level 4 - Ordinal numbers
  *Give your Memrise an appropriate picture (maybe a house?)
  *Make public
  *Save often
  *When finished, show it to me.
  *Then, use your Memrise to start learning!
  *This is due: el 14 de mayo
   (50 pts. for making the Memrise and 42 points to finish it. - 92 pts.!
  *For this Memrise, LTM doesn't matter.

2. Duolingo
*wear headphones
*Present 1 - GOLD
*Show me this week - 50 pts.

3. Memrise 5-2 (same thing - other side of page 1)
  *92 pts again

  Slide 11:Wordle or Tagxedo
              use internet explorer 
clude your English name and your Spanish name
             *include you Spanish name and your English name
             *include at least 20 Spanish words that tell me something about you
             (for example, my list might include: maestra, madre, esposa, hermana, hija, español, verde, mayo,                     jardín, flores, otoño, Cristiana, chocolate, café, Navidad, girasol, perros, privada, sencilla)
             *use snipping tool to take a picture of your wordle
              *save to desktop
              *insert into slide 11

Image result for tagxedo Spanish   Image result for tagxedo Spanish   Image result for tagxedo lacrosse player

Slide 12: Name acrostic

Image result for spanish name acrostic