Saturday, October 14, 2017

el 17 de octubre - (día 46)

Examen - Unidad 2 (el 18 de octubre)
No música hoy.

Instruction: "Tener" and "Ir"

I - Duolingo
*wear headphones
*Questions and Present 1 - due Friday - quiz Friday
*Practice these 2 topics only
*work until directed to stop

II - CLOZE - Unidad 2 

    *wear your headphones
    *you may pause and listen multiple times
    *tear out pages 10-13 in your study guide.
    *Do NOT use your textbook for these activities
    *use only the links provided below
   *staple all 4 pages together in order and turn in today
   *use your lime green study guide to check your spelling

    Presentacion de Vocabulario 2-1 (p. 10)  
    2-1 video - ( p. 11)
    Presentacion de Vocabulario 2-2 (p. 12)
    2-2 Video  - ( p. 13)

III- My Gradebook
*username: 2ndeagles / 3rdeagles / 4theagles
*password: lunch number
*see all assigned quizzes
*take all 4 quizzes - open notes
*pay attention to what you miss - highlighted in red
*ask questions if you don't understand your error

IV - Memrise

*Put both of these in LTM again
*Then, move on to the Google Classroom Quiz
Avancemos 1 - Unidad 2, Lección 1    Avancemos 1 - Unidad 2 - Leccion 2

V-  Conjuguemos
Timer off
Use your lime green study guide for help.
Do 10 of each activity and send scores.

Stay on the website and stay logged in:
Library - Spanish verbs - #2 Present Tense Regular Verbs 
                                              Send another set of 50

VI- Google Classroom Quiz
¿Es or está?
*When finished, turn it in.

VII - Choose from these options:

A. Written practice w/ verbs - pages 14-21 in lime-green study guide

B. Conjuguemos - Library - Spanish vocabulary - Avancemos 1 - #58 and #59 - do NOT send scores

C. Classzone - Unidad 2  (flashcards with sound / games)

D. Spanish clock w/ sound - Practice telling time here

E. Memrise - Work on both of these
*Both are due on Friday

 Duolingo: Questions    Duolingo: Basics 1