Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lección Preliminar - el 17 de agosto (día 8)

Map Quiz - Monday

Duolingo - Introduction Lesson- due Monday

Memrise - Numbers (42 pts.) due on Monday
               - Leccion Preliminar (91 pts.) due Tues

1. Los Países Hispanohablantes
   *practice for 5 minutes (time yourself)
   *move on to Duolingo.

2. Duolingo - due Monday, Aug. 20
    *wear headphones
    *complete Intro lesson (all levels)
    *when finished, your circle will turn gold and look like this:

3. Memrise
  *if finished with both, review and speed review
  *you will have time on Monday to put the words in LTM before I enter the grade in the gradebook
  Spanish numbers (0-20 and by 10's to 100)  (this one is 42 pts. - due Monday)
  Avancemos 1 - Lección Preliminar  (this one is 91 pts. - due Tuesday)

4.Duolingo Tiny Cards - Los Colores
*you should still be logged in to Duolingo
*work until you have completed all decks

5. Access the online textbook: (see left side bar)

*wear headphones
*Read and listen to these pages:  2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12
*when finished move on to Classzone Flashcards

6. Classzone - Flashcards
*study both sets
*use the audio feature - headphones on!

7. When finished with all of the above work:
  *Free Rice in Spanish
    Help feed the hungry while you learn Spanish:)
    Fill up the bowl with as much rice as possible!