Friday, January 29, 2016

Día 105

Día: lunes
Fecha: el primero de febrero

Examen - Lección Preliminar
viernes, el 5 de febrero

*You have your first unit test on Friday.
Today's work is intended to prepare you for the test.

I - Primera Práctica
    Online textbook - Listen to page 20
    *p. 21, activity 20 "El Tiempo" - 
    *you may listen more than once if you need to
    *write your answers on your green paper (Primera Práctica)

        *Listen twice

III - Online textbook - p. 11, actividad 8 "Lista"
   *Ask the teacher for an index card.
   *Number your card from 1 to 8.  
   *Listen and write down each name as it is spelled to you.
   *Listen as many times as you need to.
   *Give your card to the substitute teacher.

IV - Conjuguemos
    *Do the activities below, if you haven't already done them.
    *Study the chart below.
    *Use the dictionaries that are found on the tables in the room.

1. LP A. Masculine or Feminine? Dictionary practice
2. LP B. Definite article (the) (el, la, los, las)
V - Duolingo - (wear headphones)
      *Food - 10 minutes (Due Feb. 12)
      *Animals - 10 minutes (Due Feb. 26)

VI - Memrise
      *Spanish numbers (0-20 and by 10's) - 5 minutes
      *Los Colores - 5 minutes
      *L Hillier Y8 Spanish El Tiempo - 5 minutes
      *All due Friday

      *try to get in top 3 positions on leader board
        Quizlet - Link to join (4th period only)
       *4th period join here if you need to
       * don't know what happened to my 4th period Quizlet roster..!?

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