Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Día 97

Día: jueves
Fecha: el 14 de enero

I - Primera Práctica
    -Write the following in Spanish.
    -Use number words and pluralization rules.  Two models have been provided:
    -Modelo:  (3) gato  - tres gatos
    -Modelo:  (13) televisión - trece televisiones

   1. (4) tren 
   2. (10) hombre
   3. (15) estudiante
   4. (11) luz 
   5. (20) niña
   6. (12) huevo

II - Duolingo
      Everyone should work at least 15 minutes.
      Work longer if you need to finish Basics 1 and Phrases - (both due tomorrow)
      You may move on to Basics 2.
      Wear headphones.

III - Conjuguemos 
       By the end of the class period, make sure you've done all 5 activities on the list.
       Use your notes.
       Turn timer off.
       Hit record/send
       Don't worry about printing b/c the printer is still broken.  Ugh:)

IV - Memrise - 10 minutes  
       (if you've finished, do review and speed review)

V -  El Alfabeto con Cosmo - listen with headphones
        p. 10 in online book - listen with headphones

VI - Quizlet - Numbers 0-15  
         (sign in, flashcards w/ sound, scatter and/or gravity)

VII -  Quizlet - Flashcards - Numbers by 10's
      (sign in, flashcards w/ sound, scatter and/or gravity)

VIII - Challenges
         Spanish numbers 1-15 (number square)
         Sporcle - Spanish numbers
         Free Rice in Spanish (donate at least 1000 grains of rice)

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