Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Día 112

Día: miércoles
Fecha: el 10 de febrero

I - Primera Práctica
     p. 52, "Say what you like and don't like to do" (6-10)

        *Watch and listen two times.  Wear headphones 

III - Memrise - Avancemos 1 - Unidad 1 (10 minutes)
                  Avancemos 1  - Unidad 1   
IV -  Duolingo - Basics1, Phrases, Basics 2,  Food, Animals, Plurals (10 minutes)

      *Flashcards with sound (5 minutes)
      *Scatter or Gravity (5 minutes)

VI - Conjuguemos - Finish all activities by end of class today.

VII - Zondle
     *play games for rest of class period

     *everyone MUST finish a game 
       you must get some points on the board
       this will be a counted as a grade

     *top 3 will be rewarded at end of today's class

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