Friday, March 18, 2016

Día 137

Día: lunes
Fecha: el 21 de marzo

Extra Credit is due today BEFORE you start the test.

I - Primera Práctica
    online textbook, p. 107, actividad 4,
    "Say what you do and how often you do things"
    1. Roberta nunca contesta preguntas

II - Mygradebook - Examen - Unidad 2
     *franklins1st, franklins2nd, franklins4th
     *lunch number
     *see all assigned online quizzes
     *Unidad 2 - Examen

III -   I-movie tutorial
      *watch this tutorial when you are finished with your test

IV - Memrise - Unidad 3 - Lección 1
Avancemos 1 - Unidad 3, Lección 1

V - I-movie project
       1st period - Los Verbos Regulares
       2nd period - Preposiciones de Lugar
       4th period - La Ropa
      1. Write the script today.
          Use Google Docs, so you can work together.
          3-5 minutes
          minimum of 20 popups
          Share the script with me today:

     2. Begin planning how you will videotape the movie.
           (Setting, props, costumes, etc.)

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