Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Día 164

Día: miércoles
Fecha: el 4 de mayo

Examen Final - May 9 - Leer (50 questions)
Examen Final - May 10 - Vocabulario y Gramatica (150 questions)

Only do what's listed - work until you are directed to stop

I - Vocabulary video s - Unidad 2
     Vocabulary videos - Unidad 3

II - Duolingo - Strengthen skills
    *100 XP due Friday
    *wear headphones
    *if finished, review or learn something new
    *do this until I say stop

III - Memrise - Examen Final
    *due Monday, May 9
    *if finished, review and speed review
    *do this until I say stop

IV -Conjuguemos -
    *Xam review =Sentence Editing (Do 5 today)

    *Xtra Credit -                 this is not required
                                         due Friday (5 for 5 points / 10 for 10 points)
                                          scores must be perfect
                                          you may do 2 sets of 5

V - When FINISHED with above work, you may choose from:

      *Mindsnacks on IPADs (Numbers, More Numbers, Food, More Food)

      You may not go off grid!

      You can only do things listed on today's blog.  
     That's it.

VI- Class - Exam Review

     *If you are 50% or more finished with Memrise, you may play
     *Otherwise, you must work on Memrise

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