Monday, May 9, 2016

Día 168

Día: martes
Fecha: el 10 de mayo

I - Examen Final - Vocabulario y Gramática - 150

II - After exam, you may choose from the following:
        DO NOT GO OFF GRID! You can only pick from the list below:

  Study Stacks - La Ropa
        *try hungry bug!

        Quizlet - Gravity - Los Números 0-100 (Sra. Wiggonton)
         *this one is brand new!

        Free Rice (in Spanish)
        *1000 grains of rice

     Sporcle - animated movie titles
      *try this one or other Sporcle games

       Memrise - additional practice


        Duolingo - additional practice

      Make a Tagxedo or Wordle - save it to the gallery - I'll print if I can.

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