Friday, September 2, 2016

Día 21*

Día: martes
Fecha: el 6 de septiembre

Examen - Unidad 1 (viernes, el 6 de septiembre)

I - Primera Práctica
       Classzone - Video Files
       lessons 1  and 2 w/ popup vocabulary

II - Classzone - Audio Files
       pages 32-33 in textbook - read and follow along
       pages            in textbook - read and follow along

III - Memrise
    *Avancemos 1 - Unidad 1, Lección 1 - Due: Sept. 8
    *If finished, review and speed review
    *grade will be average of  words learned and words in LTM

    *when directed, you may move on to Unidad 1 - Lección 2
    *due Thursday by end of class
IV - Duolingo
    *If finished, review
    *When you are ready, take quiz -
       La Ropa -
                         username: eagles1st, eagles2nd, eagles3rd
                         password: lunch number
    *You must take the quiz by the end of the week.

V -

VI - When finished with all of the work above....
        * (in Spanish)

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