Friday, February 10, 2017

Día 112

Día: lunes
Fecha: el 13 de febrero

Examen - Unidad 1 (el 17 de febrero)

I - Primera Práctica
  *See Google Classroom
  *wear headphones
  *work until I stop you

II - Duolingo
 *Finish Animals
 *Strengthen old topics
 *Learn to flirt - if you want to spend your lingots
 *work until timer sounds

III - Memrise - due Wed., 15th
  *work until timer sounds

IV-Vocab. video 1-2 w/out popups
  *Get handout from me (CLOZE activity)
  *Watch video, listen, fill in missing Spanish words.
  *Spelling counts - use vocab. sheet to help you
  *Turn in to me today

V - Conjuguemos
  *Ramon y Ramona - do 10
  *timer off

VI -Classzone - Arcade-style games (Unidad 1 - Lección 2)


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