Saturday, February 25, 2017

Día 121

Día: lunes
Fecha: el 27 de febrero

No música hoy.

I - Primera Práctica
  *See Google Classroom

II - Memrise - work until timer sounds
   *miércoles, el primero de marzo
   *if finished, review, speed review
  Avancemos 1 - Unidad 2 - Leccion 2

III - Duolingo - work until timer sounds
  *strengthen old topics
  *clothing - due Friday
  *wear headphones

IV-Watch and listen
Classzone - video 2-1
Classzone - video 2-2

V - Conjuguemos
 *Make sure all activities are finished and recorded
*When ALL are finished, move on to Battleship and Frog Game

VI - Conjuguemos - Battleship
*Beat the computer and show me
*After you beat the computer, play the Frog Game

VII - Conjuguemos - Frog Game
*Play "Hard" level
*High score of the day wins prize
*you must show me your scores

VIII - Repaso de Vocabulario -
  Quizlet - Vocab. 2-1  - watch and listen to flashcard slideshow - then do "match"
  Quizlet - Vocab. 2-2 - watch and listen to flashcard slideshow - then do "match"

IX- Wordshoot - Vocab. 2-2
*highest level of the day gets prize
*you must show me

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