Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Día 124

Día: jueves
Fecha: el 2 de marzo

I - Primera Práctica - 5 minutes)
*see Google classroom
*do 2 sets of 20
*as soon as you finish, go to your table and begin written practice

yes to music during written practice and memrise only.
Take out headphones when I am speaking with you, or helping you.

II - Written practice (Práctica Escrito) - 15 minutes

III -Memrise -  *work until timer sounds (25 minutes)
*Finish this one - due today
Avancemos 1 - Unidad 2 - Leccion 2

If finished, begin this one
Los Verbos Regulares - El Presente

Put phones away before starting Duolingo.

IV -Duolingo - work until timer sounds (15 min)
*strengthen old topics
*Clothing due Friday
*practice (redo) clothing until you know it well
*Clothing quiz - on Friday

V -Action Verb video - 25 minutes

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