Monday, March 27, 2017

Día 141

Día: martes
Fecha: el 28 de marzo

Música - No

I - Finish up stuff
A. My Gradebook - Unit 3 test
B. Conjuguemos (finish all and turn in grade sheet)
C.  CLOZE: get handout from me
    Presentacion de vocabulario 3-1
    Presentacion de vocabulario 3-2
D. Duolingo- household, occupations

II - If finished, you can earn candy by: 
(you can only win once in a class period)

Regular Verbs (-ar, -er, -ir)
Graded practice mode - Timer set for 5 minutes
Must get minimum of 100 correct
Send score as proof

Battleship - Regular -ar, -er-ir verbs
Defeat the computer and show me

III - Family pics
*Find 10 family pics and put in a folder on your desktop
*save them as tía Madea, abuelo Sy, esposo Mark, etc.

IV -  4-1 Vocab. video - watch and listen
V - Memrise - work for 10 minutes
     Avancemos 1 - 4.1  Avancemos 1 - 4.2

VI - 4-1 Flashcards with sound
   *work for 10 minutes

VII - Conjuguemos -Stem-changing verbs (e-ie)
       read and study

VIII - Stem-changing Verbs practice (e-ie)

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