Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Día 146

Día: miércoles
Fecha: el 5 de abril

Examen Final: 18, 19 de mayo

No música, no teléfonos, no chicle.  

I - Primera Práctica
 p. 200, actividad 6 "El regalo de cumpleaños"             
 Do NOT copy the paragraph.                                           
 *These are stem-changing verbs (e-ie).                      
 *Turn this in and begin Memrise immediately.

querer - to want
cerrar - to close
preferir - to prefer
entender - to understand
pensar - to think
empezar - to begin

II-   Memrise - Unidad 4
  *Finish 4-1 today (clothing shop pic)
  *on 4-2 (restaurante pic).....finish at least 25 of the 54 words
  *If finished with both, review and speed review for 5 minutes each
 Avancemos 1 - 4.1     Avancemos 1 - 4.2

III - Duolingo
  *work at least 10 minutes, depending on how close you are to finishing "time"
  *Time - due Friday
  *strengthen old topics (especially clothing)

IV -Conjuguemos
  *La Ropa - do 10
  *¡Él me quiere! - do 10 more

V -Battleship with stem-changing verbs
  *use your Unidad 4 packages to help with verbs
  *show me when you win
  *you may have to play multiple times to win
  *this is NOT optional

VII - Google Slides - Mi Familia - due Friday
   *Sentence 1: age (use"tiene.....años" in your sentence)
   *Sentence 2: describe him/ her  (use "es" in your sentence)
   *Sentence 3: what he/she likes  (use "le gusta(n)" in your sentence)
   *Sentence 4: what he/she does (conjugated verb)

VI - Videos: Watch and listen
       Meet my family - video 
       Clothing Vocabulary - Part 1 video
       Clothing Vocabuar - Part II video
       ¿Qué lleva la chica?  - video

VII - Animoto
   *Create an account (free account)
   *Write down your username and password
    *Play around with the program
   *Make a practice video like mine.
     Call it and save it as:  "Animales"
     Add pictures and Spanish sentences to each slide
   *Animales (sample Animoto)

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