Saturday, April 22, 2017

Día 154

Día: lunes
Fecha: el 24 de abril

Examen Final - el 4, 5 de mayo

I - My Gradebook - Examen: Unidad 4
   *Username: franklins1st, franklins2nd, franklins4th
   *Password: lunch number

II - Duolingo
   *Adjectives 1 - due Friday
   *strengthen old topics
   *wear headphones
   *work no less than 10 minutes 
   *make sure you have no less than  4 lessons done in Adjectives 1

III - Memrise
  *Avancemos - Examen Final
  *due May 3
  *work on this until I stop you
     Avancemos - Examen Final

IV - Conjuguemos
   *Exam Review - Sentence Editing
     *rewrite the sentences, removing all errors
     *for now, this is practice.
       Learn from your mistakes.  Ask questions.
     *Do at least 15, do more if you can.  We are in EXAM mode!

V - Vocabulary Videos
  *look to the right of this list
    (girl on phone and computer Avancemos 1-1)
  *watch and listen to ALL vocabulary videos through Unit 4-2
  *again, this is exam review - you are doing this for you - not me.

VI -Quizlet 3-1 (flashcard slideshow, matching)
   *more exam review
   *keep busy til I stop you...for Quizlet Live

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