Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Día 161

Día: miércoles
Fecha: el 3 de mayo

Examen Final - 17, 18 de mayo

I - Memrise
*Due May 17
*work until timer sounds
*Música - ?
Avancemos - Examen Final

II- Vocabulary Videos 1-1 through 4-2
*Watch these own your own.  Wear headphones
*work until I stop you

III - Classzone - Repaso Inclusivo (p. 242)
*turn to p. 242 in your textbook
*Actividad 1 (Listen, compare, and understand)
*on a half sheet of paper, answer questions 1-5
*answer in Spanish. 1-2 words is sufficient
*listen as many times as you need to
*turn it in when finished

IV - Conjuguemos
  *Repaso de Verbos - do 10
  *Repaso de Verbos - translate - do 10
  *These are new activities
  *Record your scores

V - Finish your Google Slides "Biopoem" project today
  *we present these tomorrow

VI -  *Memrise
  *Create a new one for Unidad 5 - Lección 1 (p. 267)
  *include ALL of the words on this page
  *Create levels 
    Level 1- Describe a House
    Level 2 - Describe household items
    Level 3 - Furniture
    Level 4 - Ordinal numbers
  *Give your Memrise an appropriate picture (maybe a house?)
  *Make public
  *Save often

VII - When ALL of the above work  is finished, you should choose from the following:
*Splatman Unidad 1 - Lección 1

*Vocab. 2-1 (graded practice) - do 20 and send

*Duolingo - Strengthen old topics / learn new topics
 wear headphones

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