Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Día 166

Día:  miércoles
Fecha: el 10 de mayo

Examen Final 
el 17 de mayo - Vocabulario y Gramática (150 questions)
el 18 de mayo - Leer (50 questions)

I - Memrise
*due May 17
*work until timer sounds
*don't worry about LTM this time
Avancemos - Examen Final

II-  *Memrise - Create your own.
  *Create a new one for Unidad 5 - Lección 1 (p. 267) 
  *include ALL of the words on this page

  *Create levels 
    Level 1- Describe a House
    Level 2 - Describe household items
    Level 3 - Furniture
    Level 4 - Ordinal numbers
  *Give your Memrise an appropriate picture (maybe a house?)
  *Make public
  *Save often
  *When finished, show it to me.
  *Then, use your Memrise to start learning!
  *This is due: viernes, el 12 de mayo
   (50 pts. for making the Memrise and 42 points to finish it. - 92 pts.!
Show me today if yours if finished:) 
I will put the 92 in the gradebook today - don't worry with LTM

III- Choose: 
You may NOT play this game at home.
Winners (top 3) picked Friday at 2:30
*Finish and show me for a dum-dum

C. Llama Land (fun Spanish games tab at top)
 *Finish and show me for a dum dum

      (ENDS MAY 19)

1. Teams will be picked with Quizlet Live tool
2. We will play at least 5 rounds each day between today and May 19
3. Zonk Numbers- 7
4. Missed question = zonk
5. Snake eyes - double your team's score OR Zonk another team
6. Roll a 12, board is wiped clean..all teams lose all points.
6. Prize goes to top team in each class
7. Prize = 10 pts. extra credit

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