Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Día 167

Día:  jueves
Fecha: el 11 de  mayo

Examen Final 
el 17 de mayo - Vocabulario y Gramática (150 questions)
el 18 de mayo - Leer (50 questions)

I - Memrise
 *due May 17
 *if finished, move on
   Avancemos - Examen Final

II -*Memrise - Create your own. - due tomorrow - 92 pts.!
  *Create a new one for Unidad 5 - Lección 1 (p. 267) 
  *include ALL of the words on this page
  *show me today when you finish
 *if finished, move on

III - Choose from the following: 

    *IPAD - Word bubbler app- (in Spanish)  *This is new

    *IPAD - Mindsnacks app
     (ask me for a handout so you know what topics to play)

    *Quizlet - Gravity (New Numbers Game) - Tournament
    You may NOT play this game at home.
    Winners (top 3) picked TODAY at 2:30

      (ENDS MAY 19 AT 2:30)


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