Wednesday, August 16, 2017

el 17-18 de agosto (días 4 y 5)

I - Duolingo - 15 minutes
  *wear your headphones
  *Basics I, Phrases, Basics II
  *if you finish all, go back and re-do lessons and strengthen lessons
  *do NOT move on to "foods"
  *time yourself - go the full 15 minues

II - Memrise (20 minutes total - 10 minutes on each topic)
  *Topic 1: Spanish numbers 0-20 and by 10's to 100
  *Topic 2: Avancemos 1 - Lección Preliminar
  *if you finish early, review and speed review (red button)
  *time yourself - go the full 20 minutes

III - Interactive Maps -
     Los Países Hispanohablantes (Spanish-speaking countries)
      Study Map
      Map 1
      Map 2
   *work for 10-15 minutes
     You need to know where Spanish is spoken in the world!
     Eventually, you will be quizzed on this material.

IV -Nouns and Gender Video
   *Watch this
   *wear headphones

V - Textbook - Avancemos  Dictionary work
 -ask substitute for a handout "Proyeto - Los Colores"
 -use textbook (pages R24 - R33) to complete the handout - both sides
 -AFTER the handout is finished, go to your assigned computer and search for school-appropriate images for a project that we will start next week
-read the directions on the handout and follow them

VI - When finished with all work above, you may explore the blog:
 Sporcle, Sand, Weavesilk, Online coloring, color Mandala, Free Rice, etc.

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