Tuesday, August 29, 2017

el 29 de agosto (día 12)

I - Duolingo Quiz - Phrases

II -Duolingo
  *Wear headphones
  *Basics 2
  *Quiz Thursday
  *Work until directed to stop

III - Brain Break
        el dedo - the finger
        la mano - the hand
        el codo - the elbow
        el pie - the foot

      -El Alfabeto con Cosmo

      -Los días de la semana  (song)

IV - Interactive Maps -
     Los Países Hispanohablantes (Spanish-speaking countries)
      Study Map
      Map 1
      Map 2
     Practice until you know the maps.  Map Quiz on Friday.

     If you know the maps, move on to Memrise

V - Memrise
  *Los colores
  *If finished, review and speed review
  *You may review / speed review any of the 3 topics in your group list
  *work until I say stop

VI - Quizlet Live
  *Review Basics 2, Numbers, Colors, Calendario, Lección Preliminar

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