Wednesday, August 23, 2017

el 24 de agosto (día 9)

I - Duolingo
  *wear headphones
  *Basics 1
  *Quiz tomorrow - Basics 1
  *work until timer sounds (10 minutes)

II - Memrise
  *both are due on Friday
  *if finished, review and speed review
  *work until timer sounds (10 minutes)

III -Brain Break
    el dedo - the finger
    la mano - the hand
    el codo - the elbow
    el pie - the foot

III - Oral practice - p. 2 (yellow workbook)

     -Los días de la semana
     -Los meses del año
     -Números cardinales

IV - Work on the following list.  Go in order.
A. Animoto - Proyecto: Los Colores
      *due by end of class today
      *12 slides total
         -title slide  (Los Colores + your name)
        -10 slides w/ pics and matching Spanish color sentences
        -1 slide at end:  Mi color favorito es... w/ matching picture
       *save often
       *add music
       *share with me:

B.  Interactive Maps -
     Los Países Hispanohablantes (Spanish-speaking countries)
      Study Map
      Map 1
      Map 2
     Practice until you know the maps.
     Eventually, you will be quizzed on this material.  

C. Quizlet
    *Numbers 0-100
      (flashcards, match, gravity, etc.)

    *Gravity tournament ends tomorrow at 3:00
      Top 3 students over all get candy prize (and bragging rights):)
    *Practice numbers until I direct you to stop

D. Your choice:
   Memrise - both are due tomorrow
   Duolingo - practice for tomorrow's quiz, or practice Phrases 
   Free Rice (in Spanish)
   Magic Square (1-15) - Give this a try.  If you can do it, show me.

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