Sunday, September 24, 2017

el 25 de septiembre (día 30)

Examen - Unidad 1 
el 2 de octubre

I - Primera Práctica
     Vocabulary Video 1-2

II - Presentación de Vocabulario
    (pages 56-57)

III - Conjuguemos
*do 10 of each *Alto, Los Adjetivos, Ser (to be)
*timer off
*record / send

IV - Google Slides 1-2
*use. vocabulary on p. 75 to write Spanish sentences describing each picture.
*write the sentences on a blank page in the back of your orange booklet
*be prepared to share these orally w/ the class

V -Fall picture 
*finish and turn in today
A. Color (or draw) a fall picture

B. Use Spanishdict to label 5 nouns in Spanish
     Try to make at least one of your labels plural

C. On the back, write Spanish sentences, describing the nouns you've labeled.
     Use 5 different adjectives.

D. Watch noun / adjective agreement!

E.  Use "is" and "are" appropriately

VI -Arcade-style review games 1-2

VII - digital bingo 1-2

VIII - Memrise
*put words in LTM again

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