Wednesday, September 27, 2017

el 28 de septiembre (día 33)

Examen - Unidad 1  
el 2 de octubre

I - Listening Comprehension CLOZE activity
*use the link above (not video on right side bar)
*p. 8-9 in orange booklet
*listen and fill in missing Spanish words
*spelling counts - use orange booklet to check spelling
*this is a 36 pt. grade.
*turn in when finished

II - Google Classroom Assignment
p. 34, actividad 2 ¿Te gusta? - 12 pts.

III- Memrise -
    on IPAD or computer
   *work until directed to stop
   *you may listen to music today

IV - Conjuguemos
*practice the activities that are there
*do NOT record scores - just practice w/out pressure

V- Google Doc - study these pictures for games

VI- Review Games

A. Matamoscas
B. Quizlet Live
C. Pégalo Slap Game

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