Wednesday, October 18, 2017

el 19 de octubre (día 48)

I - Duolingo
   *wear headphones
   *Questions and Present 1 - due Friday - quiz Oct. 24
   *work until I say stop

II - Memrise
   *música - no
   *work until timer expires
 Duolingo: Questions      Duolingo: Basics 1

III- Popular Hispanic Boy Names 2016
         Popular Hispanic Girl Names 2016
     *you may pick a double name
      (examples: Ana-Maria   Juan-Carlos)
     *avoid Americanized names
     *you may look at other websites for names if you want to
     *put your top 3 name choices on an index card and turn in to me
     *you have until the end of the week to choose your name

IV - Video - Los Días de Los Muertos

V - Classzone - Día de los Muertos
  *watch videos
  *take notes
  *be prepared for an open notes quiz

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