Sunday, October 29, 2017

el 30 de octubre (día 55)

Examen - Unidad 3:  Nov. 10
Examen Final:  Dec. 14 and 15

Tuxtepec, Oaxaca - Mexico
Sawdust rugs
San Salvador, El Salvador - Alfombras tradicionales en Semana Santa
El Salvador - Sawdust rug for El Dia de los Muertos

Today's grammar:  "Gustar"

I - Unidad 3 - Lección 1 - audio and video practice
*Read along and listen

Vocab. Video 3-1 (right side bar)

II - Memrise
*both due Nov. 6
*music - no
*work until timers ounds
*if finished, review and speed review
Avancemos 1 - Unidad 3, Lección 1Avancemos - Unidad 3, Lección 2

III - Duolingo
*wear headphones
*work until timer sounds
*if finished, strengthen and redo Food 2 and Family
*use the notes I gave you to help you
*Food 2 (due Oct. 31)
*Family  (due Nov. 6 ) 

IV - Google Classroom - Open Notes Quiz
*turn in your notes when finished with them
*you may NOT share notes

*Gustar - fill in blank
*Do 20 and send score

VI - Do these pages in your white study guide:
*finish today if you can
*if not, finish for homework
*pages.   13 and 16

VII - Sand Art, Weave Silk, Sporcle

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