Saturday, October 7, 2017

el 9 de octubre (día 40)

Examen - Unidad 2 - el 18 de octubre

I - Avancemos online textbook  
 Presentación de Vocabulario - Unidad 2
*pages pages  86-87 / pages 110-111
*listen as you read

II - Vocabulary videos 2-1 and 2-1

III - Memrise
*Unidad 2 - Lección 2  (due Friday)
*if finished, review/speed review
*no music
*work until directed to stop

Avancemos 1 - Unidad 2 - Leccion 2

*Spanish verbs
*#2 Present tense: Regular verbs
*Do 50 and record score

V - Google Classroom Assignment
*finish p. 9, actividad 12 "El fin de semana" and turn it in

*create a new doc and do p. 97, actividad 11 "Somos buenos estudiantes"
      Follow model in book
      Read directions in book
      Do 1-8 and turn in

VI - Telling time in Spanish:

A. Fluentu - Telling Time video - watch and listen

B. Spanish clock
*listen to various time on this clock

C. Conjuguemos
*practice time-related activities
*Do NOT send scores
*ask questions if you miss one and don't understand why
*work until directed to stop

VII - Duolingo
*Questions and Present 1 - due Friday
*wear headphones
*work until directed to stop

VIII - Numbers over 100
*Repeat as a class
*Number in my pocket game

IX - Quizlet - Numbers 100 - 1000
*practice with flashcards, match, and gravity

X - Quizlet - Telling Time in Spanish
*practice with flashcards, match, gravity

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