Saturday, January 13, 2018

el 16 de enero (día 96)

1.- Memrise
*login on computer or IPAD
*both are due Friday, Jan. 19
*work until timer sounds
*if finished, review and speed review
*música - sí
Avancemos 1 - Lección Preliminar Spanish numbers (0-20 and by 10's to 100)   

*Learn Basic Spanish
*Choose this one ONLY if you have finished the two above
*This is EXTRA for you high-achievers who want to up their game.
Learn Basic Spanish

2. El Alfabeto / El Abecedario
-El Alfabeto con Cosmo
-El abecedario = p. 10 in textbook
-Spell your name in Spanish

3 - Conjuguemos
*Username: first name, last name
*everyone's password is SpanishatGereau.
*Los Números 0-100
*Graded practice - timer ON, set for 5 minutes
*Race against the clock and do as many as you can.
*Record at least 2 scores.   You may do more.
*Work until I stop you.
*Competition.  Winner - most correct answers in 5 minutes
*Competition ends Friday at 2:30

6 -IPAD's "Mindsnacks"
*play numbers

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