Wednesday, January 31, 2018

el primero de febrero (día 105)

Examen - Lección Preliminar 
(yellow study guide) 
viernes, el 2 de febrero

1.  Memrise
*work until timer sounds
*Música - no
*If finished, review and speed review

*Avancemos - Leccion Preliminar (Repaso)

2.  Maps: Spanish-Speaking Countries 
        (Mapas:   Los Países Hispanohablantes)

    Learning Map (South America and Central America)  
   *click on a country to learn its name
   *Purpose Games - Interactive Map
  *You will be quizzed on this on tomorrow.
  *Work until timer sounds

3.  Heart-coloring contest (vocabulary review) 

Related image
4.  Zonk (dice game)
Image result for zonk

5. IPAD - Mindsnacks
    *you can win only once / topic
    *you can win only once / game

   *Days and Colors                        Months and Seasons
   *Swell -  400                                  *Swell - 400
   *Bloon - 88                                     *Bloon - 88

   *wordbirds - 17                               *wordbirds - 17


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