Sunday, February 11, 2018

el 12 de febrero (día 110)

Tú eres.......
Mi amor  - My love
Mi querido(a)  - My dear/ darling
Mi tesoro  -  My treasure
Mi cariño  -  My sweetheart
Mi ángel - My angel
Mi vida - My life
Mi corazón - My heart

Te quiero.  *used with family, friends
Te amo.  *romantic
Te adoro.  *romantic +++
*login and wear headphones
*Strengthen all topics
*Move on to Animals 
*Test Friday on Animals - 100 pts.
*If you have enough lingots, you can purchase "flirting" if you want to.
*work until timer sounds

II.  Online textbook - Avancemos 1
*chewbacca123 / chewbacca123
*pages 32-33
*listen as you read along in book

III. Vocabulary video 1-1 (right side bar)

*watch and listen twice

IV. Memrise
*música - Sí
*Avancemos 1 - Unidad 1 - due Friday in LTM
*work until I stop you
   Avancemos 1  - Unidad 1

V - Instruction - Gustar *p,7 in study guide

VI - Conjuguemos
*login   (first name last name / SpanishatGereau)
*timer OFF
*practice the activities that are there
*do at least 20 of each activity (Duolingo: Animales and Gustar (fill in blank)
*do NOT send scores
*when finished, challenge someone to Tug of War - with Duolingo Numbers

VII -Google Classroom assignment
*p. 53, actividad 4 "Talk about activities"
*follow model in book

VIII - Oral practice
*p. 52, actividad 2, "Say what you like and don't like to do"

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