Tuesday, February 6, 2018

el 7 de febrero (día 107)

  *Duolingo Test on Friday
    (Basics 1, Basics 2, and Food)

I - Vocabulary video 1-1
   *ride side-bar

II - Online textbook pages 32-33
    *read and listen
    *oral practice, take turns reading aloud

III - Oral practice, page 34, actividad 2 "¿Te gusta?"

IV - Google Classroom assignment
    *see tabs at top of blog
    *you will need a textbook for this
    *when finished, begin Memrise and work until I stop you

V - Memrise
  *Avancemos 1 - Unidad 1
  *work until I stop you.
  *Música - no
     Avancemos 1  - Unidad 1

VI - Duolingo
*wear headphones
*strengthen and redo Basics 1 and Basics 2
*work until I stop you

VII - Duolingo Tiny Cards: Basics 1
     Duolingo Tiny Cards: Basics 2
     Duolingo Tiny Cards: Food
  *make sure you are still logged in
  *wear headphones
  *work until directed to stop

VIII - Conjuguemos
*graded practice - timer OFF
*no need to record scores - just relax and practice for test
*these are not graded - relax and study!
   Duolingo: Basics 1
   Duolingo: Basics 2
   Duolingo: Food
*música - sí

IX -Youtube - How to play spoons
     Family playing spoons
     Teams of 6 or 7
     1 fewer spoon than # of team members
     Goal - to get a set of 3 (English /Spanish / matching picture)
     18 sets of 3 (54 card deck)
     Dealer deals each team member 3 cards (face down)
     Dealer keeps deck close by to draw from.
     Dealer passes cards to his/her right.
     Person to the left of dealer will have a trash pile.  Keep trash pile separate from deck.
     When a person gets a set of 3, draw a spoon.
     Others may then draw a spoon.
     Person left without a spoon, gets the letter S (for Spoon)
     When you spell out Spoon you are out of the game.


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